Monin Hvit Fersken Sirup 70 cl (white peach)


Originally cultivated in China, the white peach symbolizes eternal youth. A pretty fruit, white peach juice concentrates all the flavours of midsummer in a delicate champagne coloured flesh. Refreshing and tasty, it stands out from over 300 French varieties for its intense aroma, delicate floral flavour and juicy sugary notes. The white peach has a fleshy, soft texture and adapts perfectly to both sweet and savoury recipes.

Used to make Mojitos, white peach smoothies or slightly acidulated with its freshness and fruity taste. Discover how MONIN White Peach syrups has captured the intensity of this exquisite flavour to give your drink a unique taste and an unforgettable power.


Socker, vatten, koncentrerad vit persikojuice, syra: citronsyra, naturliga aromämnen, emulgeringsmedel: gummi arabicum, E445, färgämnen: E163. Vit persikojuice: 15%.

Nutritional information per 100 ml

Energi: 1397 kJ/334 kcal, fett: 0 g, kolhydrater: 82,5 g varav sockerarter 81,3 g, protein: 0 g, salt: 0,03 g.

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